10 Best Basketball Ball 2017

Not knowing which ball you should buy is terrifying right?

Which one good for indoor, or outdoor.. Which one Great for shooting, or dribbling.. Also which one better for doing drills.. Or maybe, you even need cheap and good basketball?

Worry not, in this occasion we will cover the best basketball ball for your needs in 2017!


Ball NameOfficial SizeMaterialIndoor/OutdoorPrice
Wilson Evolution5, 6, 7Microfiber Composite LeatherIndoor Check
Baden Elite - Highly Recommended Indoor Basketball6, 7Advanced MicrofiberIndoor Check
Spalding TF-Trainer - Recommended for Improving Skill6, 7CompositeIndoor/Outdoor Check
Chastep Mini Basketball - Recommended for Kids6 InchesFoamIndoor Check
DribbleUp Smart Training - Recommended for Tracking Improvement6, 7Premium MicrofiberIndoor Check
Spalding NBA Zi/07Composite Leather CoverIndoor/Outdoor Check
Spalding Neverflat - Highly Recommended for Outdoor6, 7RubberIndoor/Outdoor Check
Wilson Killer Crossover - Cheap and Great Outdoor Basketball5, 6, 7Optima RubberIndoor/Outdoor Check
Spalding NBA Varsity - Recommended for Best and Cheap Outdoor Basketball6, 7RubberOutdoor Check
Spalding NBA Street Phantom - Great Grip Outdoor Basketball7RubberOutdoor Check


Wilson Evolution Indoor Basketball Game  – Great Indoor Basketball

Wilson Evolution Indoor Basketball
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Wilson Evolution give the maximum grip and ball control, and this is because their technology and material used. With microfiber composite leather cover, it’s assure you to get the best performance.

Just for you information, mircrofiber composite leather cover is the highest quality microfiber composite performance leather.

Not just that, this ball also using pebbled composite leather rather than traditional rubber to enhance gripability.

There are 2 balls that often compared to this ball which is Spalding T-1000 and Baden Elite.. To be honest, Baden Elite is better than them, and still… This is a great ball too.

This ball are NCAA and NHFS approved! Can’t be a wrong choice.



  • Microfiber composite leather cover that makes it greats for ball handling, and make sure to get the best performance
  • Best for indoor
  • NCAA and NFHS Approval


  • Currently, there are some issue about ball durability and air leak, If you find it that way, just ask for ball replacement right away.. Overall, this ball is still the best.


Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball – Best Indoor Basketball ( Highly Recommended )

Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball
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When you’re searching basketball for indoor game, you can’t be wrong with Baden Elite. We know there’s much great branded ball as spalding and wilson, but you can expect the greatest from this baden elite ball.

It has great grip, soft and feels tacky because the ball is using microfiber cover so you will find it really comfortable for dribble. Can you imagine that? Soft, tacky, but still has natural bounce which gives us ball handling level goes up feelings. And what’s more is the ball also perfectly symmetric so that it’s PERFECT for dribble. You won’t get irregular bounce with it.

This ball is NHFS approved! So, this is some kind of official ball and can be trusted for it’s quality.

At first, you’ll find it feels too tacky.. But, when you’re using it about a couple of hours, it starts to peel off ( not in a bad way ) and it will give you the best ball handling feeling. It’s also great for shooting because you can feel the ball smoothly released from your fingertip.



  • Microfiber Cover that makes it soft, tacky
  • Great for dribble and shooting for indoor
  • NFHS Approval


  • Can’t find one… I think it’s perfect for indoor basketball!


Spalding TF-Trainer Weighted Trainer Ball ( 3Lbs ) – Best Weighted Basketball for Training ( Recommended for Improve Skills )

Spalding TF-Trainer Weighted Basketball
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Wow? Isn’t weighted basketball bad for training? Isn’t it giving us the wrong feelings when dribbling, passing, shooting, etc?

Yeah, I think so too until I see this ball!

What makes us get the wrong feelings if we training using weighted ball? It’s because the ball doesn’t have correct bounce that can ruin everything we’ve done. But, spalding has make a great move by making this weighted ball bounce correctly just like regulation basketball!

This ball also using composite cover so it will give us excellent grip and feeling while handling the ball.

With this Spalding TF-Trainer Weighted Ball, you can develop power moves.. Not only that, it’s also improves your arm, wrist and finger strength for dribbling, passing and shooting.

Don’t get it wrong.. It can improve your shooting distance, but it can’t improve your shooting accuracy. So, don’t expect it at all. And also I recommend you not forcing shoot from long distance because it can impact to your elbow. Train it for short distance, and if you’re stronger, you can increase the distance.

Please remember that if you’re getting strained elbow, it will makes your hard training useless. Don’t aiming for too fast improvement.


  • Improves your ball handling, passing, and shooting range
  • Bounces like regulation basketball
  • Feels like normal basketball in control, just more heavier


  • None at all. Except, you can’t use this for playing a match ( obviously ).


Chastep Mini Basketball – Best Basketball for Kids ( Recommended )

Chastep Mini Basketball
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Let us think for a second.. What kind of basketball we want for our kids?

I think as a parents, you all will said the same which is “the ball that doesn’t hurt my kids”.. As we know, almost all basketball ball is rough and can do damage to children.

That’s why you would love Chastep Mini Basketball. Chastep making a basketball with kids in mind..

And what makes chastep mini basketball is great for kids?

Well… One of the best feature of this ball is the material, this ball specially use eco-friendly material.. It’s using foam ( polyurethane to be exact ) so it will not hurt your kids, has anti microbial feature. This material also non poisonous PVC.

Chastep Mini Basketball Passed SGS Test and European Standard EN-71 Test specifies safety requirement for kids toys

Also, it doesn’t make a lot of noise and will not breaking things when it hit because the ball is using foam. What’s more is no need to worry about air leak problem since it’s not an air filled basketball.


  • Non toxic
  • Very soft, good for kids and for things around them
  • Passed safety requirements for kids toys ( SGS Test and European Standard EN-71 Test )


  • The ball color fades too fast..


DribbleUpSmartTraining Basketball – Great for tracking improvement and measure your dribble skills

Dribble up Smart Training Basketball
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Would you like to know your dribble speed? Crossover speed? Or maybe your endurance?

Then this ball is perfect for you.. This ball is connected to the android/ios apps to measure and tracking your ball handling skills & speed.

Another feature that’s good for you is Personal Virtual Coach! It will help you do dribble drills, making your dribble more effective and improve your overall dribbling skills. When I said “It will help” that means you’ll be given drills that will improve your skills depend on your measurement statistic.

Dribble Up Smart Training Basketball is using premium microfiber that is extremely durable and can works in all weather conditions

Dribble Up Smart Training Basketball isn’t important for someone who doesn’t care about their improvement, just doing basketball for hobby. No offense at all, I’m just stating the truth.. But, you can also get fun by watching your growth when you do dribble drills.

And then, why I said it’s not important for who just doing basketball for hobby?

It’s because almost all hobby player is just love to play, but didn’t like to train basketball. So, if you love to train, Dribble Up Smart Training Basketball is great for you.


  • Extreme durable ball
  • Can do measure, track your ball handling improvement, take a role as your private coach and giving drills option for improving your ball handling skills
  • Has apps for IOS and androids


  • The ball color fades too fast..


Spalding NBA Zi/0 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball – Good basketball for indoor and outdoor

Spalding NBA Zi/0 Indoor/Outdoor basketball
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About this ball, I can say that this ball is good enough for indoor and outdoor usage depends on the outdoor type. If you said it’s a concrete field, then this ball is up to it and will have a long life. The best about Spalding NBA Zi/0 is the ball feeling. It’s like using the real NBA ball.

However, this ball has a little complex issue when it comes about slippery. Every ball has it’s own logo, and the logo on this ball is making the ball slippery. Let say, if you’re gonna shooting the ball and your finger exactly on the logo, you’ll find it a little slick that will makes your accuracy drop a little. Other than that, it’s great!

Now, we’re talking about the material used for this ball.. Honestly, I think rubber material is the best for outdoor basketball usage, and this one is using composite leather which won’t last long. The cover will peeled off fast than you can imagine and it’s make sense since the material is for indoor usage.. Not that I said this ball is bad, they already aware of it and make the ball can be used great even on outdoor. But still, don’t get your hope to much about ball looks after long run.

Spalding NBA Zi/0 greatly meets the NBA’s stringent ball specifications for feels and bounce!


  • Durable, good for indoor and outdoor
  • Up to NBA’s specifications for basketball
  • Get the feeling of NBA’s ball


  • The logo makes it a little slippery
  • Material used is not completely support for outdoor usage


Spalding NBA Neverflat Indoor/Outdoor Basketball – The Best Outdoor Basketball ( Highly Recommended )

Spalding Neverflat Indoor/Outdoor Basketball
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Spalding NBA Neverflat has so many great feature and highly support for outdoor.

One of the greatest feature is the Advance Membrane and NitroFlate air technology that prevents and eliminates air’s ability to escape from the ball. When you hear Never Flat, please don’t think that this ball is really can’t be flat forever. It makes the ball hold air 10 times longer than usual basketballs.

Sound’s too good to be true? Afraid not, this ball really gives what it’s advertised as I already used it too before. The problem is, the technology is quite advance and not all the ball have the same quality. So, if you get a bad ball, don’t be afraid to ask for ball replacement.

The material is using rubber and high performance composite leather for grip feeling.

Spalding NBA Neverflat Basketball is the only one in the marketplace that guaranteed to stay inflated 10x longer than traditional balls!

As you know too, rubber is the best for outdoor usage. It makes the ball durable, and since it can perform good outdoor, it also perform good for indoor.


  • Neverflat : hold air 10 times longer than traditional balls
  • Pretty Durable, good for indoor and outdoor
  • Material used is calculated for ball handling feels and also for outdoor usage durability


  • Sometimes, you’ll get bad quality ball. Don’t forget to claim for ball replacement before 30 days. Make sure to test it so you won’t regret it.


Wilson Killer Crossover Basketball – Cheap and Great Outdoor Basketball

Wilson Killer Crossover Basketball
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What’s good about this ball is it’s really cheap! Sometimes, rubber ball not bouncing properly, but with this wilson killer crossover, it’s bouncing like it is a leather ball.

Being rubber ball, it has good grip, you won’t mind it being watered ( or getting rained ). For children, it also can be water ball play even though I really not recommend it since it’s a rough rubber.. This ball rubber cover can make your hand blister in the first week of being played. After that, it’ll become softer since the cover peeled away a little.

Please remember, this is a cheap ball and don’t expect much like it will perform as legal tournament ball even though you can use it for casual tournament.


  • Cheap
  • Pretty durable for outdoor
  • Bounce is like leather ball, and the grip is good


  • Rough rubber, can make your hand blister ( for the first week played ). Tolerable though since it’s pretty cheap
  • Not holding air good enough.. Maybe needs to be pump about once per 3 days.


Spalding Varsity Outdoor Rubber Basketball – Best and Cheap Outdoor Basketball ( Recommended )

Spalding Varsity Outdoor Rubber Basketball
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This is the best cheap outdoor basketball from spalding. Spalding really designed this ball specially for outdoor playing, not to mention still take official NBA size and weight into account.

Actually, even this ball is cheap, it has better quality than most of expensive balls. I’m not saying for all expensive balls, but most of them. Expensive ball usually has better design, cover material, and more durable.. Since this is an outdoor ball, even good ball is using rubber for durability.

The color choice of the ball is also interesting, it’s eye catching and attractive. That’s why this is the best and cheap basketball.

This ball also has almost all cheap ball problem which is air leak. Almost the same like wilson crossover ball, you’ll need to pump it once in 3 days. But, also do not forget this is because of the quality control. This problem is not always happening. If you get more bad than this, then just ask for replacement.


  • Cheap
  • Specially made for outdoor play with size and weight of NBA Ball
  • Attractive Color


  • Common air leak problem


Spalding NBA Street Phantom Official Outdoor Basketball – Good soft grip, great for ball handling yet pretty durable for outdoor playing

Spalding NBA Street Phantom Outdoor Basketball
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Once again this brand comes up for great outdoor basketball. And what’s so great about this ball?

This ball is using premium rubber cover with durable soft grip technology which is giving you comfortable handling and durable for outdoor playing. This ball is also specialized design for outdoor play, and it will not feeling good for indoor playing.

Durable soft grip technology gives feeling like tire. Just imagine that, and you know you’ll feeling good when handling the ball in outdoor field.

What I like more about this ball is the ball design. It has pretty unique color and so catchy. People won’t mistake your ball as their ball ( If we assume there’s no one using exactly the same ball type and color ).


  • Quite Cheap, price is great for it’s quality
  • Specially made for outdoor play with size and weight of NBA Ball
  • Unique and catchy basketball color


  • Won’t good for indoor playing


Now you know what basketball you should choose is depends on what you needs, where you’ll be using it and how much budget do you have. And, I have a little tips for you when it comes to buying basketball:

  1. Don’t forget to buy basketball air pump with it. Sometimes people already assume that the ball comes inflated. The fact, not all the ball is already inflated, so prepare for it if you don’t have basketball air pump.
  2. If you’re buying basketball as a gift, plan and order it about a month before because you’ll never know what kind of basketball you’ll get, it may come with a flaw and you need ask for replacement.
  3. Remember that you can ask for replacement before 45 days, but it’s safer if you do it before 30 days. So, test your ball everyday about a week so you can know the flaw.


That’s all guys, hope it’ll help you. Have question, or anything, just ask in the comment section. I will help you if possible. Have a nice day!

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