4 Tips for Taking Care of Your Basketball Shoes

We can’t hide from the fact that our basketball shoes would become dirty at some point.

There’s nothing we can do to prevent dust, mud and anything that makes our basketball shoes dirty.

BUT, we can always do something to make it cleaner, or maybe clean like a new shoes.


There’s 4 tips for you to take care your shoes

  1. DO NOT WASH IT using cleaning machine. This way you’ll making the shoe has shrink possibility and highly chance to damaging shoe material ( which you don’t want to ).
  2. Do not sink it in the water. It’s kind having the same effect from point number one.
  3. Knowing how to make your shoes clean time to time.
  4. Have a couple pair of basketball shoes, for indoor and outdoor use.


That’s it, this is my little tips and hope it’s help you guys! Enjoy!

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