7 Most Important Basic Shooting Fundamentals in Basketball!

Why we even talk about this?

It’s because basic fundamental is the most important thing in anything you do, whether it’s business, sports or anything.

In basketball, there are many fundamentals, and we will just cover 7 most important fundamentals of shooting. Let’s get started!


Eyes on the Target

You want to see your target ( the rim ) as soon as possible before shooting. Every great shooter ( you named it ) always see the rim first before they shot it.

Why is that? It’s because doing this will increase your time to calculate the range and power needed for getting the ball in.

What’s not to do? Do not follow the ball when it’s take off. It affects your latest movement that can reduce your accuracy.

This is Stephen Curry video when shooting, look at the eyes before the shoot. Even before he get the ball, he already looks at the rim!


Balanced Shooting Form

There’s a time when you can’t balance yourself for shooting because of pressure or anything. But, always remember to prepare your body balance first before shooting, and this will help you control your power and accuracy better. It’s even better to passing the ball if you can’t get the balanced form.

There maybe another reason why you’re not balance when shooting, which is you haven’t found your perfect shooting form. You need to find the most suitable form to get the best result.


Shot Pocket

Shot Pocket is the position when you get the ball and going to shoot. The position almost like triple threat position. This is the best position for shooting because it helps you power go through from your leg to the hand easily. Normally, the shot pocket is your balanced position before shooting.


Power Force

First, don’t get it wrong! Your power force came from your leg, not from your hand.

Of course, you can use your hand power to shoot, but you’ll have to sacrifice your shooting accuracy for it. Anyway, why did you use your hand if leg’s power is 3 times more powerful than your hand?

What you need to learn is how to transfer the power from the leg to the hand.


Follow Through

Watch for your elbow, you need to get your elbow straight to the rim. Relax your wrist when releasing the ball, use your fingertip to control the direction of the ball.


Shooting Arc

You need at least about 45-degree shooting arc when arrived at the rim to have better shooting percentage. The secret of high shooting arc while shooting is having your power going from the leg to the hand and release the ball upward, then control the direction with your fingertip ( like I said in follow through steps ). It will not easy at first, but it will increase your shooting percentage just by doing this.


Non-Shooting Hand

Many basketball players getting the ball drifted away to the left or right and they don’t know why it happens. And I tell you one of the reason is that of the non-shooting hand.

Non-shooting hand works only for balancing the ball until the ball is released by the shooting hand. Right before releasing the ball, get away your non-shooting hand from the ball.

For someone, the non-shooting hand also for aiming. But still, don’t forget what I said before because it really affects your shooting percentage.

Basketball Non Shooting Hand
See Michael Jordan Non-Shooting Hand, It doesn’t touch the ball at all when to release the ball.


When you’re shooting with proper basketball shooting fundamental, you’ll find your accuracy will become much better than before. Do not neglect the basic! Have a great day!

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