Basketball Perfect Shooting Form Formula! Bonus 9 Shooting Tips!

Have you heard mathematics formula: 1 plus 2 equals 3?

Then you should know that a perfect shooting form equals to swish. So, what is the formula for perfect shooting form?

For the answer to that, we must understand about perfect shooting form in the first place.


What is The Perfect Shooting Form in Basketball?

Sadly to say, no one exact form can be called as perfect shooting form! To proof that, we can learn from NBA great shooters such as


Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry’s shooting form


Ray Allen

Ray Allen’s shooting form


Reggie Miller

Reggie Miller’s Shooting form

See? Every great shooter has their own shooting form, but each of them has similarities like they are constantly shooting with the same shooting form and motion. So, what is the perfect shooting form?

The answer is your most comfortable & balanced shooting form. Other than that, you must know some basic shooting fundamental that all shooters should know.

Basic Shooting Fundamental


How to Find Your Own Perfect Shooting Form Formula

Sometimes in mathematics, we must find the formula first to get the answer, and it will go trial and error first to get the best formula.

It’s just the same for basketball shooting form, the difference is each player has it’s own formula.

  1. For starter, collect few shooting form to try. We can take the example from players above: Stephen Curry, Ray Allen, and Reggie Miller.
  2. Use basketball shooting chart to track you shooting percentage, video camera to record your shooting form trial ( optional ).
  3. Try all of shooting form you collect and choose the most comfortable one for you.
  4. Do the preferred shooting form 100 times from free throw lines ( can be closer too ), feel what’s making you comfortable and not. Don’t forget to keep the body balance while shooting, and you want to be as balanced as you can because it’s important for your shooting accuracy.
  5. Change the motion where you feel uncomfortable. For example: you’re feeling that the follow-through motion is not comfortable, then try other follow through motion until you find it comfortable.
  6. Do again from step 4 until you find the most comfortable and balanced shooting form for you.


So, why do you need shooting chart and video camera? It’s to track every trial you do and easier for you to spot unbalance motion in your shooting form.

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download simple basketball shooting chart
Simple Basketball Shooting Chart Preview

Basically, this is tracking your attempts per day and your shooting percentage per day in various position from the picture below.

basketball half court simple for shooting cart


Now, it’s just the best shooting form but still not the perfect shooting form, right? The last step is what basically everyone did, which is more practice!

Do this, track this, and see your shooting percentage increased day by day.


Great Quotes by Bruce Lee

[tweetthis]I fear not the man who has practiced 10k kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10k times[/tweetthis]


Some Tips When Finding Your Perfect Shooting Form Formula

  1. Don’t shoot from long range or you won’t know if that’s your best shooting form. The range can be improved when you already practice more for that shooting form.
  2. Don’t be to rush, be patient. When you found the right one, all your hard work will pay off.
  3. Remember, stick to the basic fundamental of shooting form. For example, even only want to find the best shooting form, it doesn’t mean you can throw off your release motion.
  4. The main focus is getting your best shooting form, not scoring. At first, you’ll be concentrated on shooting form and it’s normal if your shoot doesn’t get in. Scoring will be much easier when you already found the best shooting form for you.
  5. Use the power of your leg. Beginning your shot standing up straight is common mistakes that truly injures your shooting motion. You require your legs to get the ball up, particularly in a match when you are worn out, do not make your arms do all the work.
  6. Hold the ball on your fingertips. In order to have appropriate control of the ball, your fingertips must be touching the ball.
  7. Follow through. You need to finish follow through motion, your arm completing directly, your wrist loose, your fingers suspending. Your fingers need to be naturally hanging, not tight together or pointing.
  8. Middle to middle. Your elbow ought to remain in, indicating the middle of the rim. This is the same as your middle finger on the follow through, your shot ought to end up as if you were dipping your hand into the rim.
  9. Snap the elbow. As you reach the peak of your shot, your arm must straighten in such a movement that your elbow snaps back a little (this might feel unusual the very first time). One of the most mistakes that beginners make is not entirely extending their arm.

Lots of players find out to press their arm out to the basket to get adequate range on the ball, and this results in numerous obstructed shots and a low flat arc shot. You need to finish your follow through, your arm ending up directly, your wrist loose, your fingers hanging down. Your fingers ought to be naturally hanging, not tight together or pointing.



Shooting Form Formula is like mathematics and almost like problem-solving analytics. You need trial and error to get the best one, and practice it until it’s perfect!


Hope this guide will help you! If you have any question, just comment below, I’ll help as much as I can. Have a great day!

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