Best 21 Basketball Dribbling Tips

Want to know how can you do better in dribble when playing basketball?

Follow these steps one by one until you’re doing it unconsciously :

1. Dribble The Ball Hard

Just think about it, we can control the ball if we got the ball in our hand. So, we must make the ball return to our hand as quickly as possible and that’s why you know now why we must do hard dribble, and that is to make the ball return to our hand quicker.

Good example of hard dribble video

2. Keep the Head Up

Try to not looking at the ball when dribbling, so we can focus for other things in the field. For example, while we’re dribbling to defeat the defender or defending the ball from the defender, we can find passing target or even target the rim to shoot. It will increase our effectiveness when playing basketball.

3. Use Your Finger Tips to Control the Ball

The most failure in dribbling is using your palm to control the ball. We must use finger tips to control so that we can change direction of the ball much better than the palm.

4. Do Imagination Training

Try to imagine how you would use dribble moves against the defender, how to protect the ball, how to pass the defender. It will helps you greatly when you play, you can do your dribble moves more naturally and can play by reflex.

5. Increase Your Mental

Sometimes we’re doing dribble drills and doing hard work for playing better, and it doesn’t pay off when we’re playing. This is from my personal experience, I play poorly every week even when I’m training everyday! And I’m doing introspection to my self, and I found that the reason for my poor play is my mental. I afraid to play poor, afraid of turn over, afraid of being blocked. That’s why I can’t play with a clear mind. And one day, I try to change my mindset and it’s never been the same! My playing getting better and better. Just face the truth, there’s no one player start playing great, no one never being blocked. The more we’re getting blocked, the better our experience to avoid that.

6. Try to Pass Your Defender with 1 Dribble Attack

You should remember this, we can get passed the defender by our feet, not only using our dribble. So, train your footwork and find hole in your defender’s defense and pass them with 1 move. Not all condition can make us to do this, but try to do that. With this, you can save much more stamina and make your move more effective.

7. Experiment with Dribbling Moves

Try to do dribble that you’re not used too, don’t bother if the ball is out of control. This will make your moves more flexible and you’ll have more control even if our body not to balance. For example, see street baller. Do not trying their moves if you want to play for tournament outside street rules, because the rules is different. But , you can always practice their moves because their moves are all out of the box and will improve your dribble attack variation.

For this one, I’ll using my favorite street baller videos : The Professor !

8. Dribble with Low Stance

Dribble while standing normally will make our position easy to get the ball stolen. You should lower the stance, almost like squat position. That way, we will get good movement for attacking and also good for defending the ball since the range of our hand and the floor is nearer that make the ball return to our hand faster, and don’t forget to use your other hand to repel defenders attack.

9. Keep the Ball Low

This has a connection with my point at number 8, and there’s more advantage for keeping the ball low. That is harder to get stolen, faster the ball motion, better control. But, the faster your dribble, the harder to control while in low position. That’s why, don’t forget to train dribbling fast while keeping the ball position low.

10. Insightful when Dribbling

Change your position often while dribbling according to positions of the other players and conditions around you. Be composed when making decision, do you want to do passing, drive, shooting, or even just ball keeping. This is important in the game because your choice will decide the flow of the game. Don’t be panicked, be sure to use defensive stance while dribbling so you can calmly think and defend the ball from being stolen.

11. Don’t Stop. Don’t Get the Wrong Move

What I mean from “Don’t get the wrong move” is you must think when you will start dribbling, or start pick up the ball. Because you can only dribble once, so use triple threat stance to attacking the defender while you’re not dribbling. And if you get the chance, or you know what you must do then you can start attack dribble. You can also always do passing and shot, just be flexible. And when you’re already dribbling the ball, don’t pick up your ball to fast. Just pick it up if you know what you want to do or else, your defender will press you and you will have a hard time to just even passing the ball. Always think ahead before do something.

17. Know When to Pass the Ball

Sometimes passing is better then dribbling, for example you can move the ball much further with passing rather than with dribbling. And with good passing, you can misdirect your enemy to the hard position so your friend can get open position to scoring. Again, be flexible. Don’t think you’re always must dribbling to get open position. Sometimes you’ll find someone that really know how to play defense and making things hard for you, when this time comes, always remember that you can always count on your teammates. Remember! Basketball not played with only 1 person. There is no “I” in the team. If you’re persistent when against much better defender then your offense, you just lower the percentage of scoring and of course increasing turn over percentage.

Great assist make the best opportunity to scoring!

18. Practice the Triple Threat Stance

Triple threat stance is highly effective move before we start dribbling. From the triple threat position, the player can pass, shoot, or dribble. This stance also allow us to defend from being attacked by the defender.

Great Michael Jordan explanation about how to use Triple Threat Stance

19. Practice with a Friend

You can always practice alone.. But, it’s more effective if you have a friend to help you with your training. There’s some training that require friend to achieve. Example : train to defend your ball from being stolen by defender or even defenders. When you’re alone, you’re just practicing to become better at dribbling, but with practicing with a friend you’ll become better at handling and protecting the ball. That’s just one example for you, there are many example of training that require a friend.

20. Using Effective Dribble Moves

Do not want to show off your dribble. Keep it simple, and you’ll play better. Or else, maybe sometimes you’ll get embarrassed by someone while showing off and trust me, you don’t want that.

21. Increase Your Speed

When you’re training to dribble fast, you will get the ball loss often because you can’t handle the speed. Do not worry and try again until you can handle it. This will be good when you’re playing, you can handle the ball much better because in practice you already practice much harder and faster dribble.

End of the word for this basketball dribbling tips, just remember that what you do will not give you an empty result. Nothing better then getting better and better everyday! Good luck!

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