Best Ankle Braces for Basketball 2016 – 2017

To choose the best ankle braces, you must consider a couple things like comfort, support and there’s one more considerable thing like price. But, for ankle sprain case I will put aside price and will consider support & comfort as my number one priority, and you should too. And why is that? That’s because we must protect our ankle for “lifetime” as basketball player, ankle is one our greatest assets as a player.

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Now, let’s see the best 3 ankle braces you can choose!

ankle brace comparison
Best Ankle Brace Comparison Chart

Zamst A2-DX ( $47.68$123.78 )

This is the ankle brace support that Stephen Curry use in almost all his games!



Zamst A2 DXNothing to say, it’s proven to be very comfortable, this is the ankle brace you can wear with shoes the best! With this brace, I can even run for a long time, playing basketball without feeling weird or even pain. And actually, I don’t feel about the weight at all. I mean, at first it guaranteed that we will feeling the weight and it’s really normal because the brace has it’s own weight LoL. But just using it for a while and you won’t feel anything, and what’s more is Stephen Curry ( NBA Players ) using this ankle brace!

As we know, Stephen Curry is one of the best shooter in the NBA, he has great movement and speed, and also great in making space to shoot. If this brace didn’t comfortable, Stephen Curry will not choose it because it will reduce his playing performance.


This brace was made for protection from ankle injury, moderate to severe pain, and also makes us didn’t worry about playing after healed from having ankle injury. It has two straps at the back, one at the heel, one around the ankle bone to pull our foot into place, X-Straps that provides some support and lockdown over the bridge of the foot, and the last of it is primary strap that pulls the plastic support features together for the main functionality of the design.

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ASO Ankle Stabilizer ( $20.05$162.40 )

ASO have many unique features that makes it considerable as one of the best ankle brace for basketball. For example, this brace has stabilizing straps form complete figure eight.

ASO Ankle StabilizerComfort

You can say this really comfortable too, not as comfortable as Zamst A2-DX because ASO brace is made with same design for right foot and left foot. But don’t think it is not comfortable.

ASO Ankle Stabilizer was made using bilateral design so it will fit to your left or right foot, and using ballistic nylon to make sure your foot didn’t get any rubs, pokes, and blister. Because all of it, You will feel it has been taped by sports trainer.


Like I said earlier, this ASO has figure eight stabilizing straps that make the supports strong. There’s no perfect brace that can prevent you from any ankle injury. If you get fatal accident, your ankle will still sprained. But, ASO make sure to reduce the effect and also have great support for chronically weak or lax ankle. Using this brace also makes us feeling our ankle already using sports tape that will make us feel so safe when playing basketball.

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McDavid 195 Deluxe Ankle Brace with Strap ( $15.77$39.99 )

McDavid195 DeluxeThis brace is one of McDavid best producst ( my personal opinion ) and it has maximum protection or it says Level 3 in McDavid Protection Level which is the best they can provide.

Just for your info, this is they Level 3 Protection ( Maximum Protection ) Level Features :

  • Ultimate in Protection
  • Moderate to Major Instabilities and Pain
  • Provides the Maximum Level of Support


Just like others braces, this brace simulates support provided by athletic professional tape and steel stays. To be honest, this brace is the worst if you compare with 2 braces above but still one of the best if you compare it with other brace that’s not in the list.


The cross straps provides excellent support and really reduce the stress in your ankle. It has tight fitting ( and you should make it tight because that’s the whole point of the braces ) yet still flexible with two cross straps and one around the lower upper ankle strap. This brace is good if you have more severe sprain.

There is a short break-in period in which the brace feels stiff and gradually it will become more and more flexible.

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Tips When Using Ankle Brace

Here some tips you would want to do to prevent something you don’t want even you’re already using ankle brace.

  1. Tighten your lance & Straps but not to tight either. Because it will make your blood circulation bad and trust me it’s not good for you.
  2. Do not think because you’re already using it, you are invincible. In fact, you’re not. You can still get injured and get your ankle sprained. The ankle braces purpose is prevent and reduce the impact from the accident.
  3. Don’t forget to look at the size chart carefully. You want to get the most fit for your foot, because if it’s not you’ll feeling uncomfortable no matter what brand and who’s the one making it.
  4. Read the instruction carefully how to use the brace so you don’t miss the steps and get the best of it.


Frequently Asked Question About Ankle Brace

This is some of many basketball players asked when want to buy ankle braces with our answer.

1. Which Ankle Braces do NBA Players Wear?

It depends on the players positions, every positions has different needs. But, in this discussion I already tell one player ( Stephen Curry ) is using Zamst A2-DX.

2. Which Ankle Brace is The Best for Basketball?

Same as above. I still prefer Zamst A2-DX for my personal choice and my position when playing basketball is Point Guard.

3. What Are Ankle Braces For?

It is for protecting your ankle for being sprain or injured, reduce the impact from roll over, jumping, and many more. And also can be use for peace of mind when playing after being injured because when using ankle brace, we feel no injury at all if we are using great ankle brace. And that’s why we give you these 3 best ankle brace to choose.

4. Do Ankle Braces Work?

The short answer is YES! Here some reasoning… If ankle braces doesn’t works, why is that many sports doctor give advice that the player should use it? The other reason is, just look at the ankle braces built, designed and you’ll know it will work to some extends.

5. Can I Run with Ankle Brace?

Yes if you’re using comfortable ankle brace. And don’t forget to tighten the lance and the straps, but not too tight either.

6. When to Wear Ankle Brace?

It better use it anytime to reduce the percentage of being hurt and sprained. Better prevent it before you get hurt.



Now you get to know how important is the ankle brace, how it design to work, and the best of it… You get to know the best 3 ankle braces that you can choose. I hope our discussion can help you to get the best ankle brace for yourself and playing with peace of mind from being injured.

If you need help or question, just comment below. I’ll help whatever I can. Enjoy!

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