Best BasketBall Shoes for Flat Feet 2016 – 2017

These shoes are still good for flat feet, but I update more 3 different shoes for 2017 : Click here to see it.

While everyone was born with flat feet, some people develop an arch naturally through exercise, which also facilitates proper development of the feet’s tendons and ligaments. However, other people do not develop the arch leaving them susceptible to ailments and injuries such as plantar fasciitis.

Fortunately, there are sports shoes specifically designed to cater for people with flat feet. This brief overview looks into factors to consider while buying basketball shoes for flat feet as well as some of the highly rated basketball shoes available in the market.

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Factors to Consider While Buying BasketBall Shoes for Flat Feet

Flat feet need some more support compared to arched feet. The arch in a feet helps to posture and put the weight of movement on the heels of the shoes. The weight distribution provided by an arch strategically puts the stress on the parts that are supposed to support the feet. However, with flat feet, though the weight of movement is distributed throughout the entire feet, there is a different stress on the hip joint that can potentially lead to symptoms with extensive wear and tear. The appropriate shoe for flat feet should have a good arch support and orthotic device inserts to alleviate some aches.

  • Quality. High quality shoes feature a design that offers additional support that can handle extra pounds that is as a result of having flat or low arch common in flat feet.
  • Sole. The shoe should have a specially designed sole that supports flat feet. The sole is designed to supply an appropriate arch shape so as to retain the feet’s arch. Check the inner part of the shoe to check if the sole meets that requirement.
  • Design. Flat feet shoes are designed to form a high arch that keeps the feet in a good high arch posture. These shoes normally feature a slightly raised heel that is designed to pivot the feet on defense or offense as they also bear your body weight without causing undue stress.
  • Check to Ensure that the Shoe Bends at the Location of Toes. This means that the shoe is supportive enough. However if it bends towards the middle, the shoe might not offer you the kind of support you need. The middle part needs support that is not available in a bendy sole.
  • Test the Shoe to See How Well You can Twist or Torque while Wearing it. The shoes that strain to move will give you the best support for the arches.
  • The Hill of the Shoe should be Stiff and have Proper Hill Support. Flat feet require a hill with proper support to avoid rolling an ankle. A stiffer shoe is more supportive for flat feet and will also prevent over pronation. You do not need to worry about the shoe being too stiff as nowadays shoes are made with high quality material and are also paddy to provide extra comfort. A flat feet needs the extra arch support compared to arched feet.


Top Rated BasketBall Shoes for Flat Feet

Nike Air Foamposite One/ Pro ( $1,925.00$2,938.25 )

Nike Foamposite One NRGThis shoe was originally manufactured and released in 1997 but is up to date considered one of the most comfortable on-court performance models. It is a high quality shoe made with highest standards and quality material that can last long. This shoe features full length Zoom Air that is well double stacked in the heel. It also has Foamposite upper as well as a Carbon Fiber Spring Plate that enables the shoe to be extremely comfortable yet not easily destroyed under long exercise sessions. It is one of the highest quality performance models available in the market.

The Foamposite provides ultimate support for your feet that is enough to support a person with flat feet. It is a custom molded fit hence comfortable on the feet providing extra flexibility required in sports. It can handle the whole weight of the body by relocating stress to the appropriate parts it should be thus ensuring that you will not overstrain while playing.

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Adidas Rose 3and 3.5 Limited Release ( $179.99 )

Adidas Rose Limited Release Red BlackThis is one of the best quality shoe designed for smaller players. The shoe has an in-built arch located within the Sprint Frame that is especially suitable for people with flat feet. The arch provides support and distributes the weight of the feet to appropriate areas. The fore feet is strategically designed to be close to the ground providing the feet with freedom and flexibility to move around as well as flex properly to strengthen the feet’s arch naturally. It is manufactured to strengthen and support the arches of a player especially one who plays all year round.

The arch of the shoe can help people with flat shoes get the support their feet need as they play reducing the risk of suffering injuries during movements in the field.

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Nike Hyperdunk 2012 ( $129.99 )

Nike Hyperdunk 2012This is a high quality shoe designed to support every position on the floor. They feature a pronounced arch that is strategically placed to provide additional support to the feet. The design of the shoe positively affects excellent arch support as well as light weight. They are not heavy and hence very helpful to long time players as you will not get tire of moving the shoes. It is designed to offer extra flexibility that is required to arch the feet.

This is one of the best overall sports shoes as it not only gives you flexibility but also supports and is light weight. These shoes are available at a discount rate at Amazon.

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The kind of shoes you wear while playing may have a direct impact on the overall quality of your game. However, you will no longer need to worry about having flat feet while playing as there are shoes specifically designed to support your feet properly and avail you the support arched feet normally have. You can play as good or even better as players with arched feet.

Having the right shoes will give you flexibility and support while playing and help you play comfortably. Amazon offers some of the best quality sports shoes at an affordable rate. Make an informed decision to choose the right basketball shoes for a flat feet.

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