Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet 2016 – 2017

Basketball players with wide feet encounter a lot of difficulty when trying to find perfectly fitting shoes today. This is because most sports shoes designers have nowadays taken to creating mainly narrow shoes and not shoe types which cater all sizes and shapes of feet. Players with wide feet are therefore forced to make do with the narrow shoes which cause various problems to them. Before this, I also make an article for flat feet problems and hope I’ll give solution for them too.

A basketball player with wide feet is likely to experience a number of problems if he puts on shoes which are too narrow for his feet. The shoes will first of all fit too tightly leading to painful feet. Secondly, the player is likely to suffer from blisters and bruises owing to continuous pressure on the feet. He will likely sustain blisters on his toes, outer arch, and the tibular arch. The player may also experience injuries on his plantar surface due to the increased impact which occurs when they land on their feet while trying to jump and lay hold of the ball.

As an athlete, injuries sustained as a result of poorly fitting basketball shoes can be quite costly to you. They may worsen and develop into a condition which necessitates medical surgery or which leaves you unable to walk or play for a period of time. Missing out on playing is quite detrimental to your career as an athlete, it for example leads to you being deemed out of shape and consequently being left out of major matches which could boost your career.


Ideal Shoes for Wide Feet

Because of the negative effects which narrow shoes can have on your health, you need to stop wearing them as soon as possible and find shoes which are perfectly fitting. If you are one of the basketball athletes who have difficulty finding proper shoes because of having wide feet, here are 4 types of shoes which are ideal for you:

Nike Air Max Hyperaggressor ( $69 – $120 )

Nike Air Max HyperaggressorFor starter, this shoe price is low and affordable for flat feet solution. Don’t take it as a cheap product because it’s high-quality product with low price. Nike Air Max HyperAggressor has great quality and very strong material.

And this shoe also has powerful impact protection, that’s why it is great for jumping. Very fit for people who can dunk, and love to jumping around.

Not just that, because it’s for impact protection, it’s also good for sudden changing direction. It will maximize your quickness when making fake moves without worry about your feet.

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Nike LeBron 9 ( $430.00$845.25 )

NIKE LEBRON 9 ASNike LeBron 9 may be shorter in terms of length but what it lacks in length, it compensates for in volume. It has been designed to allow a lot of room for the foot while still fitting firmly. The LeBron James 9 shoes first entered the sportswear market in 2012 when Nike designed them to honor LeBron James as he entered his ninth season of playing in the NBA. Nike wanted to give the king of basketball shoes that would enable him continue his winning streak. The Jason Petrie designed shoes come in an array of colors and blend a Max Air heel unit with a Zoom Air forefoot.

In order to make the shoe even more stable, Petrie sewed the upper part of the shoe on a Hyperfuse base. This base complemented the speed and size that LeBron James is known for.

You can make a purchase of these comfortable sports shoes on Amazon. The shoe prices range from $430.00 to $845.25 depending on the size and make of shoes you wish to buy. You will greatly benefit from the ample space and cushioning the LeBron James 9 shoes offer.

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Air Jordan XX8 ( $250.00 )

Nike Air Jordan XX8Air Jordan XX8 shoes may look more like shoes worn by artists on stage rather than players on the basketball court but this appearance is quite deceptive. The shoes fit perfectly around any foot regardless of the size or shape of foot. This is owing to the fabric material from which the upper parts of the shoes are made.

One advantage which Air Jordan XX8 shoes have over other basketball shoes is that you will never at any point be without traction as you run up and down the court while in them. The shoes’ bottoms are made of pliable rubber which provides traction. The bottoms also have a Zoom unit installed on them which helps protect against impact.

The Air Jordan XX8 shoes also provide an individual with an even better containment because it is fastened using a zip in addition to shoe laces. If you have fastened the shoe laces and closed the zip, no kind of collision with an opponent is likely to make your shoes come off. You can therefore play all the minutes you have been given to play without having to bend down to adjust your shoes every at one point or another.

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You should consider purchasing a pair or more of Air Jordan XX8 today if you are an athlete with wide feet. The protection and comfort they offer far much outweigh any unconventional appearance they might have that causes some people to shun them.

Jordan Melo M8 ( $139.99 )

Jordan Melo M8 AdvanceThis sports shoes model which was first produced in 2011 still holds a high position among the best basketball shoes ever made. It is popular with many basketball players up till now. The shoes were first worn by NBA star Anthony Carmelo during his Gold Medal Game. Carmelo is the athlete under whose sportsmanship the Jordan Melo shoes are anchored. This explains the name Melo by which Jordan company calls the shoe line. To date, Jordan has released up to 10 shoes in this series.

Jordan Melo M8’s most attractive property is the high level of comfort it offers. Its interior has a lot of cushioning which helps protect the athlete against impact. The shoes also offer ample traction and adequate space for the feet. This makes them ideal for basketball players with wide feet.

In addition to the above, Jordan Melo M8 shoes also have a Hyperfuse base to help against impact. They also come in a variety of colors and designs thereby providing the athlete with a chance to choose
shoes which appeal to his own taste and preference.

The Jordan Melo M8 shoes do more than easing your movements on the basketball pitch, they also enhance your overall appearance as a player. The shoes come in brilliant colors with beautiful infusions of other colors and texture. This gives you a sophisticated and gentlemanly look as you move about the court shooting the ball, guarding, or collecting rebounds to help your team win.

You can find Jordan Melo M8 shoes on Amazon at affordable prices.

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As a basketball player, you should always be careful about the kind of shoes you put on while playing. Don’t just go for any kind of shoes, make sure they are appropriate for your feet and that they fit you perfectly. Every great basketball player such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James owes part of his success to properly fitting basketball shoes. Take this into account too as a basketball player you might well be on your way to a stellar career in basketball.

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