Best Shoes that Increase Your Vertical Leap Instantly! Is Dunking Possible?

Do you believe that there are shoes that make you jump higher instantly without training?

Either way, we will discuss it, and you’ll find the truth about this magical shoes. Without further ado, I present you, shoes that claimed they could increase your vertical leap.

Athletic Propulsion Labs ( APL )

This shoes patented technology called “Load ‘N Launch” that will make us jump higher. And, what does this technology actually do to the shoes? To understand this, we need to know few background of the shoe making. Majority of shoemaker company focus their research and development effort on shock absorption and cushioning, and that’s a good point because it does help a little to increase vertical leap of the athlete.

In fact, most technologies in the athletic footwear market are in the heel area of the shoe. But the problem with this fact is that jumping occurs in the forefoot just in front of the ball of the foot through the toes. So, the forefoot-not heels- is the most critical part of the basketball shoes that can actually increase vertical leap. And this is where the Athletic Propulsion Labs Load ‘N Launch system is located.
This is how their system’s work :

APL System

The Athletic Propulsion Labs Concept Basketball shoe technology is centered around a revolutionary patent-pending propulsion device, which is implanted in a cavity under the forefoot, in front of the ball of the foot and the flex zone. Further back on the outsole of the shoe lies the unique high-density Thermoplastic Urethane Load ‘N Launch shank, which provides another level of engagement in the compression-propulsion-liftoff response. The propulsion shank provides a level of stability between the forefoot and the heel while also absorbing shock and enhancing the transfer of energy to the Load ‘N Launch forefoot device to maximize vertical leap performance.

In their testing, many athletes increased their vertical when wearing the shoes several inches, and the result will vary based on their athletic ability and physical condition. They create this shoes to be used for playing, not for training purpose. Why did I state this? This is because many people get it wrong.. There are shoes that good for training to increase vertical leap, and there are also shoes to be used on a play and enhance their jump instantly. Just like we’re playing games, we must buy equipment to increase our status.

APL Test

Photos of the APL Concept 1 basketball shoe testing conducted at a leading West Coast University using Kistler force plates and the Vertec device. Test participants achieved up to 3.5 inches of increased vertical leap in APL Concept 1 shoes.


Pros :

  • APLIt can increase your leaps by several inches, and again it depends on their athletic ability too. Some only get 1 inches higher, and there are more than that up to 3.5 inches if it is based on the test. Well, even 1 inches higher jump is really mattered in basketball.
  • This great equipment is relatively cheap, it starts from about $140.
  • Excellent customer services. If your shoes turn out having poor quality, for example, if you’re shoes get broken too fast, you can ask for a replacement.
  • Comfortable.

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Cons :

  • It doesn’t really have a good design. But it’s okay though.
  • In some cases, the shoes got broken fast like those cheap shoes. If I may compare, it’s like a shoe with $30 price. But it doesn’t really matter because you can ask for a replacement anyway.
  • This kind of shoes is banned from NBA. You might already know the reason. It’s giving the player too much advantage. So, if you want to use this, make sure that your basketball tournament allows this kind of shoes.


Athletic Propulsion Labs vs Hyperdunk vs Underarmour

For this, I’m taking from others video in youtube because he’s already made a great comparison between them.

Athletic Propulsion labs vs Hyperdunk

The first shoes is Hyperdunk and the second one is APL. As you can see on the video, it doesn’t have much different between Hyperdunk and APL. We can say both of them are good.


Athletic Propulsion Labs vs Underarmour

The first shoe is Underarmour and the second one is APL. From this one, clearly, APL showing an overwhelming advantage.


Hope this will help you to choose the best jump shoes you want to use for playing basketball.

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