How to Become an Incredible Shooter in Basketball!

To become a great shooter. First, you must know HOW to become one and know WHAT are they doing on the court because they’re not all just shooting around.

Section Summary for this topic:

  1. What you must have to become an incredible shooter
  2. Who needs to have a better shot & Many of shooting types
  3. What extraordinary shooter can do besides shooting
  4. Common shooting problems
  5. How to increase your shooting percentage

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What You Must Have to Become an Incredible Shooter

All of the experienced shooters know how much critical about these things, and you want to know too because you want to become one of them.

You need to know how much important these things if you want to become a great shooter, and all experience shooter know this as well.


shooting basketball quotes michael jordan

This is the most important factor to be a shooter, and you need mentally prepared. You can get this confidence by doing shooting drills countless hours, after that the confidence will naturally get into you. Don’t get me wrong. You can’t just become a great shooter because you are confidence. BUT, this is the MOST important thing that will decide whether your shoot will get in or not. A slight feeling of no confidence will make your accuracy drop a lot!

Tips for confidence: Never feeling down when you’re shot didn’t get in.



You will need this one every time you’re shooting the ball. I’ve seen so many people shooting around because they’re panic and didn’t even focus to the rim. Sometimes you need to forget about the defender when you want to shot a basketball and just do your best to get the ball in.

Tips for concentration: Do not afraid to be blocked by the defender. All NBA players have been blocked, so why not you? It’s natural to get blocked, but you can always watch your distance from the defender to reduce shot blocked percentage.

Even the super fast shooter Stephen Curry have been blocked. So, don’t be ashamed on that one.



Consistency is a must for a shooter. This doesn’t mean you can’t be miss or anything, but you need to be able to keep your performance in every game. You don’t want to do GREAT in one game, and the next game you’re playing poor, and the next you’re playing great again and then bad again.

Tips for consistency: Practice shooting fundamental and your shooting form.


Who Needs to Have a Better Shoot & Many of Shooting Types

Every position in basketball needs to have a great shooting, center included. See Kevin Garnett for example. He is a center and power forward yet he can shoot from 3 point range. It’s not a must, but it will be better if you can do it too or you can just focus on how you can scoring under the rim.

Many shooting types can be applied in basketball. In many basketball plays and situation, you need to know which shot type that you should use. Now, let see what shooting type you can choose.

Jump Shot

The most basic shot type in basketball ( layup type excluded ). You need to get perfect shooting form for you, practice basic shot and jump shot and make sure this type of shot will get in. You might want to do this type of shot in almost all situation because this shooting type has the highest scoring percentage of all.


Fadeaway Shot

Fadeaway shot is one of the advanced shooting types. Don’t use this type of shot when you’re still not good at a regular jump shot. And why is that? It’s because the coordination of the ball, technique, and the power needed for this shot is much more challenging than the standard jump shot.

And why fade away shot is an advanced shooting types? That’s because it’s making the defender hard to block your shot, then again it has a negative point such as decreasing your shooting accuracy. Do practice a lot to be able to do this constantly. And again, don’t forget you must training your basic shoot first, so you didn’t destroy your shooting form by doing this.


Floater Shot ( Tear Drop )

This one is great and fast shooting types, often used by point guards to scoring when they will match up with a taller defender and when off the dribble. The purpose of this shoot is to throw the ball much faster than the blocker. Floater shooting technique is a little different than normal jump shot because the ball doesn’t need to have backspin.


Hook Shot

There are many types of hook shot such as sky hook, baby hook. Hook shot is really effective and can be called the unblockable shot, but also the most difficult shoot to do. Often used by a center or power forward. Basically, Any position can do it because it’s really an effective shoot, not even tall people will block it easily.


What Extraordinary Shooter Can Do besides Shooting

Well, almost of the shooter does their job good. They’re shooting like crazy and scoring well, but in some situation, they can’t always shooting because of defender pressure or maybe they’re not in good condition. We must admit that all of us have experienced it.

And so, what we must do to compensate it?

Good Ball Handling

You must have a good ball handling. I don’t mean this you must be an expert ball handling, but you need to have good ball handling and protect the ball when under pressure or not in good condition. Don’t let the defender steal your ball and also reduce your turnover.

Best basketball Dribbling Tips
Click Image to Get 21 Best Basketball Dribbling Tips


Observation & Passing

Analyze the situation on the court, find the best opportunity to passing. Don’t limit yourself to shooting even if you’re a shooter. When you’re in bad condition to shoot, you won’t scoring easily, and it just wastes scoring opportunity for your teammates. That’s why you must think out of the box, analyze well and do assist!

Normally, this one is needed for point guards. But as a shooter, we must know the basics too to help the team achieve a win! What’s the point become a great shooter, but you can’t bring a WIN to the team?

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Common Shooting Problems

Many of basketball players didn’t know their problems when shooting. They just know they’re feeling uncomfortable, the ball doesn’t go like he/she wanted, or feel like your power can’t make up the shooting range. If you were ever feeling like that, maybe these will help you.

Can’t Shooting Straight or Rarely Straight

You always feel the ball will going straight, but it’s not. Already do many shooting drills and still not change anything about that, what’s causing it?

There’re several factors to answer that and also some keys to fix your problems:

  1. Wrong release direction. Check out your hand and your fingers when to release the ball, sometimes you got a comfortable feeling when your release finger is pointing to right or left. But that what’s making your shoot release drift to the left or right. See the ball spin, is it fully back spin or rotate to another direction.
  2. To fast when making a shoot. You are forced to making a fast shoot, or maybe you want your shoot to be fast. It will make your hand direction ( follow through ) not straight to the basket if you’re doing that with poor basic shooting technique. You can make your shooting faster one at a time.. Getting fast shooting motion is a process, and you don’t want to rush the process. Don’t ruin the basic and increase your tempo each time you’re better at basic shooting.
  3. Unbalance Shooting form. Sometimes our shooting form becomes unbalance when doing off dribble shoot and much more. You’re just reducing your scoring opportunity if you’re shooting form is not balance. There’re so many possibilities for shooting, passing, driving, or even faking some moves, but don’t make poor shooting form. It’s even better to pass the ball first and then find better position then getting a pick from teammates to get passed your opponent, and there you go, scoring opportunity with great shooting form.
  4. Didn’t have enough power to cope with shooting range. Many players struggle a lot when shooting from 3 points range and think that their power is not sufficient. Is that really true? Yeah.. Of course, it’s a factor there, but there’s something more important than power in this case.. which is shooting technique. Wrong shooting technique will make your energy from the leg not flowing to the hand. Actually, you didn’t want that because your power from the leg is the most valuable asset when doing long range shooting. Some players also try to hop to the front when shooting to get their power increase. Sadly enough, it will ruin the accuracy because the force in hand is too big.


Inconsistent Shooting Percentage

There are times that you feel superb for shooting and sometimes you don’t. This is awful for your performance, and like I said.. What you need to be an excellent shooter is consistency.

There’s some habit that will make our shoot inconsistent. It also depends a lot on our mental & physical condition. This is the reason to keep fresh and healthy every day.


How to Increase Your Shooting Percentage

We are already learning much from our reading before, but there’s still more ways to be better at shooting.

I have some solution that will make your shooting percentage better than before. This is the most basic step, which is learning shooting fundamental in basketball, do record yourself when shooting and analyze where you get wrong. The rest are easy… Just note what to fix, do it again until all the problem fixed. This will help you shoot a basketball more accurately.

You also need to have Basketball Shooting Chart that will help know everyday growth. I made you easy excel basketball shooting chart template so you can note it easily. Of course, you can make this by yourself, but feel free if you want to download from me.

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download simple basketball shooting chart
Simple Basketball Shooting Chart Preview

Basically, this is tracking your attempts per day and your shooting percentage per day in various position from the picture below.

basketball half court simple for shooting cart


I know there’s so much unclear method when you read all of these topics, I’ll update these topics frequently and hope it will help you.

If you have questions or some suggestion, please make a comment below, and I’ll do my best to help you. Have a great day!

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