How to do Fade Away Shot in Basketball – The Right Way!

To learn to do fade away shot, we must know first the goal, advantage, and disadvantage of this shot.


Make a space between the shooter and defender

Make the shot much harder to block


Harder to rebound our own shoot. Since to do fade away, we must jump backward and hard to catch up with the defender to rebound.

Harder to score. Backward effects make the shoot much harder to aim and need more strength to it.

Steps to Do Fade Away Shot

  1. Start using post body position ( Protect the ball ), your back should be face to face with the ring.
  2. Create space with your defender by using your shoulder.
  3. Rotate your front body toward the ring. Keep your pivot right, and keep your balance while rotate. Protect the ball by going to shooting motion ( already raise your hand )
  4. Jump backward and shoot! Don’t forget that your power comes from your leg.


This is good video by Michael Jordan while explaining how to do fade away shot

Just as Michael Jordan said, this shoot is not fundamental..

But still, you must know basketball shooting fundamental first to get high shooting accuracy. This is kind of a prerequisite for doing an excellent fade away shot. And what I mean by “great fade away shot” is having high percentage of scoring using fade away shot.


How to Do Perfect Fade Away Shot

Actually, everything is already explained by Michael Jordan in the video. The secret to perfecting fade away is just doing it over, over and over again until it becomes your habit!

And habit will make your moves closer and closer to perfect.


Tips to Increase Fade Away Shot Scoring Percentage

I have only one tip for this, but this will significantly change your percentage! Aim first even you’re still not in the shooting motion.

stephen-curry-aimBelieve me, this is the simple thing that makes your shooting percentage higher. For proof, see Stephen Curry before he shoot.. He always aim at the rim first even if he still didn’t get to the shooting motion.
And why this simple thing can improve your accuracy?

The answer lies in the secret of “Muscle Memory” . When you have more time aiming at the rim, your muscle remember the range and strength needed to get the ball in. Of course, this is assuming if you already practice much.



That’s the most simple thing you can learn how to do fade away shot! Hope this helps you guys! Have a great day!


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