How to Play Lockdown Defense in Basketball

In basketball, we know that offense and defense both are important.

It doesn’t matter if we can score 100 points, but then the opponent scores 101 points. That’s why defense is crucial. To become a great defender, we must be mastering team defense and one on one defense.

Now, we’ll try to cover for one on one defense which is “Lockdown Defense”.

In NBA, we know some player that really have a great defense which is: Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and also Scotty Pippen. Each one of them has their own defensive style, but we can get the same characteristic from them as a great defender.



Whether on offense or defense, balance is important. As a defender, if we lose our balance, it means that the offensive player already beat us. Let’s just assume that the offensive player is Stephen Curry or Kyrie Irving, their confusing movement, hesitation, change pace, change direction will try to drove out our balance.

Now, the question is how to stay balanced?

There are no guarantee that you can always stay balance when you try to stop the offensive player that have great dribble movement, agile and fast.

First, you must know what makes you unbalanced, which is your body movement when reacting to offensive player movement. When defending, keep your upper body didn’t move or lean to the offensive player direction because it makes harder when the offensive player change direction.

Second, always make your body shape smaller and lower than the offensive player. It will make the opponent having a hard time when dribbling because it’s easier to be stolen by the defender. Moreover, it also makes you more balance.


Active Hands

michael-jordan-stealDon’t let your opponent get easy shot and comfortable when driving.

Make some distraction by using our hand, try to steal it. Do not try to steal too hard too, because it makes a hole on your defense.

Our hands have a purpose which is making the opponent hard to make any moves or even shooting, and also reduce their chance at scoring.


Widespread the Feets

kobe-lockdown-defenseMany defensive players not open their feets wide enough. This kind of defense will get easily beat by an agile offensive player.

They just need to change direction fast and already beat the defensive player.
The reason for widespread the feets is, when the opponent change direction, we will still in front of them.

And that’s the kind of defense we want right? Always makes your opponent in front of you.



You know, it’s a must to have a great concentration when playing basketball. It’s crucial when defending, if you do not concentrate enough, then you’ll be surprised by every offensive player dribble moves.

Don’t get me wrong… I didn’t tell you to concentrate and try to read every offensive move because it will make you slower when reacting to dribble move.

Just simply focus and defense using your instinct. It’s okay to try to read offensive player moves. But, leave it to your instinct when it comes to reacting.


Winner’s Mentality

If you already think you can’t defense the opponent, you already lose the battle.

Even you know your opponent much stronger and faster than you in everything. You should be still defense with everything you have and winning in mind.


Well Trained Physique

It’s our responsibility to keep our body trained. After all, even if you have all great techniques in the world and you didn’t have a great physique, then it’s nothing at all.

Every technique uses some stamina involved. And if you’re advanced at reading opponent moves, don’t you still need a high amount of stamina to be able to keep up with the opponent’s speed?

What if the opponent has much greater stamina than you? You can guard him until your last breath, but not until the game is over.

In the end, you still lose because of stamina problem.


Well, it’s just stamina problem.. How about if the opponent much stronger than you? I mean in strength…

You can read all their moves, and then they found out that you are weak physically. The opponent can just ignore all your good defense technique and use the most barbaric method which is the competition of power.

In the contest of strength, it truly takes an enormous stamina. I’m sure you’ll get drained out if playing using strength. That’s why you have a responsibility always to train your body to become the best.


Learn Lockdown Defense from The Best in NBA

This is personal evaluation from me, and maybe it’s different from you guys.. For me, these people are the best in defense:

Michael Jordan

Kobe Bryant

Scotty Pippen

Let’s take a look at these videos. You’ll find out that they are really athletic, and are really active. It’s the proof that they trained their body pretty well. They’re giving pressure like there’s no tomorrow lol.

See their reaction time, and it’s unbelievable that only can be achieved by hard training, defense motivation, winning mindset, and experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Learn from the best and get all the best defender’s traits! Be the greatest defender and having lockdown defense!

Have a great day!

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