Know this Will Increase You Shooting Percentage by 30%!

Many people just playing basketball without knowing some fundamental facts about it, or we can just say that they don’t even care about it.


All we must have is “Love Basketball” right?

Actually, that’s not wrong. The faults came when we only said that without even learning what basketball is.

Right now, we will learn something fundamental about basketball hoops and ball. And trust me, knowing this will increase your percentage by 30% or even more!


I’m not lying, you still need to practice! But.. With these pieces of knowledge, your training will be more efficient than before.


Fact about Shooting a Basketball

Many people have a hard time to shooting a basketball right. They find it really hard to put the ball into the rim.


official-height-basketball-hoop_59a0c16eb028fc5Now, let’s see the fun fact about basketball rim size and basketball ball size.

Basketball rim size
: 18 inches

Basketball ball size ( size 7 ) : 9+ inches


Do you see that? Almost 2 balls can go through the rim at the same time!


So, what’s the problem with your shoot that makes it hard to scoring?

The answer is quite plain and simple… Your basketball shooting arc!


Some of you wonder, how to know our shoot arc.. For this, we will use the rim as the reference.

img from
image from

90 degree is when it’s exactly from the top of the rim.

0 degree is when it’s exactly from the side of the rim.


You can get about 9 inches different in size between the rim and the ball if your shooting arc is 90 degree which is impossible.

At least, you get the point from that… The higher your arc, the greater your chance of scoring.


Then, why not all the shooter training for high arc?

It’s because shooting depth perception. Not everyone can do high arc instantly. Most of all people, we can easily visualize scoring with lower arc which we can see with our eyes!


Difficulty of High Arc Shooting

The higher the arc, the more you need shooting depth perception, more force, more balance, more exact shooting motion.

If your shooting motion distracted just a little, let say it makes your shooting just 1 degree lower, it will affect a lot for the scoring percentage. And you see here, I just talking about shooting straight. What if you’re shooting direction also change a little?

You know what will happen :).


The Most Optimal Basketball Shooting Arc

The Funny thing is, many people shooting with 35-degree shooting arc, which is making it really really hard to scoring. They can do scoring because it’s become a habit.. But the matter of percentage fact, it’s harder to scoring.

stephen-curry-aimOne person I know that have high shooting arc is Stephen Curry.. Stephen Curry is the most incredible shooter I ever know in NBA ( Please let me know if I’m wrong ). Sometimes he has higher shooting arc than usual ( it’s about 55-degree ), and you can see he’s shooting percentage is so great compared to others! And tell you what… It’s not easy to have that too high shooting arc too. Stephen Curry is just an exception. That was just showing that he has a great talent and great effort to achieve that.

Most of us will get optimal shooting arc at 45-degree.

We can call it optimal because it’s relatively easy to achieve, and no need much force to scoring at 45-degree.


And how to train high arc shooting? Again and again, it’s simple. Practice! Let your muscle memory teach depth perception, and also train your visualization.


While training for high shooting arc, don’t forget 7 important basketball shooting fundamental!

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