No. 1 Best Basketball Goggles Glasses in 2016 – 2017!

There are many problems when playing basketball, and we’ll talking more specifically this time and it’s about eyesight.

Eyesight problem doesn’t only applied to people that need prescription glasses, but also anyone that have sensitive eyes to dust.


Playing Basketball Using Normal Glasses Problem

t36gopsOf course, we can use normal glasses for protection, but you all know the worst thing of using normal glasses when playing basketball, which is:

  1. Dangerous because normal glasses didn’t have straps and get off easily, and get broken more too.
  2. Sweat drops to the eye and we must wipe the sweat. For that, we must take off the glasses first too.
  3. It doesn’t comfortable for sports such as basketball, and it’s natural because it is not made for sports.
  4. This is a reason for some people only, and that’s is not fashionable design for basketball.

I came through to research more about basketball goggles, and found a couple of goggles that’s very fit for basketball.

I’m telling you the truth, I want to give you more review about other goggles for basketball.. But, I found out that for the price and features, this goggles didn’t have any competitor. No one can be compared to it, and if I’m wrong then I’m really sorry if I missed it. You can always drop a comment below if you know there’s better than this.

Anyway for now, I’m pretty sure that’s this is the best for this year..


Ponosoon Sports Goggles Glasses for Basketball 1827 ( $19.99 )

As we know before the problems of normal glasses, this goggle solved it all with a considerably cheap price! We’ll going to see how this goggles solved eyesight problems.


basketball-goggles-side-previewWhat’s the Features of This Basketball Goggles?

  1. The goggles didn’t get foggy! It uses anti-fog technology.
  2. it’s using foam above the eye, so it will not let sweat drops to your eyes.
  3. It’s using polycarbonate and dual lens for protection.
  4. Using soft silicon nose pad that will make you comfortable and not tired when using it.
  5. Adjustable straps to makes more comfortable depend on your needs.
  6. Changeable and adjustable design.
  7. Windproof, dustproof lens.

Isn’t it great? It has all the features we need to play basketball with it. No need to worry anymore and just enjoy playing basketball.


And What if You Need Prescription Lens?

It’s easy.. You can just go to the nearest prescription store and just show them the goggles. They can help change it to prescription lens.


Dimension of Ponosoon Basketball Goggles



For The Lens, it is 58mm x 41mm.

The Bridge is 20mm.

The Width of the Frame is 50mm.

The Inter-Frame size is 138mm.

Lastly, The Thickness of the Protective Layer is 8mm.



Where Can You Get Ponosoon Basketball Goggle Glasses

I always suggest to buy from Amazon. And why is that? That’s because Amazon is the biggest online store ever besides ebay, and have great credibility when it comes to services. I love about it from them and always suggest to buy from there.


Oh right, this glass comes with the glasses of course, glasses bag, glasses cloth, the straps, and pouch. There’s one more that I love from this Ponosson glasses, and that is…


LIFETIME BREAKAGE WARRANTY on Frame and Lens ! That’s great right?!


So, what are you worry about?

You can click this link to go to amazon ponosoon page.


Hope this will help you find basketball goggles that will fit you very well. Have a great day!

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