No Ball Needed Basketball Dribble Drill!

I’m writing this topic because I want you to discover that’s there is nothing can limit you from doing dribble training.. Even if you’re only having 2×2 room space, or even you DON’T HAVE any space at all!

This is good news for you because you know now ( after reading this to be exact ) that you can improve your dribbling skill everyday without any excuse.


First, The reason I’m writing to you specifically is because I think that you want:

  1. Improve dribble skill even with your limited room space or nothing at all
  2. Improve dribble technique when you don’t even have luxury to going out
  3. Want to improve dribble skill when you don’t want your neighbors getting disturbed ( How kind of you )
  4. Being able become a starter on the team even if your near home area didn’t have any basketball courts
  5. Become the best dribbler on the team and can become the main point guard

This is what you get after you finished reading these:

  1. Know why you don’t even need space to practice
  2. Getting max training of your limited space to train
  3. Never worry anymore and freely improve your skill in most your available times
  4. Getting ready to become a starter in the team 😉

What I would clear for you:

  1. Is it possible to do dribble training even in 2×2 room space? YES! You can train even it’s there’s no space at all!
  2. How to improve my dribble technique when there’s no nearby basketball court from my home? Easy ( Not that easy though ). I’ll tell you the way after this.
  3. I’ll never make it to the team because of I can’t even training! Really? The one that limiting you is your self. If you’re thinking that way, nothing can help you. So, change your mind right now and I’ll show you the way. ( There’s no guarantee that you’ll be success because you’re changing your mind. But, I’ll guarantee you’ll be a failure if you keep that mindset. And honestly, if you’re thinking like that, don’t even play basketball because it will be wasting your time. No offense, I’m telling this for your own good )

Note that there’s nothing will be done if you’re not taking action. Do it, and you’ll get the result.

First, let me be honest with you.. I’m not even professional basketball player, but I didn’t have much time and didn’t even have talent. But, right now I can achieve some degree of playing level that makes me play happily.

What I’ll share with you is my own method of training ( since not even one of my talented friends doing these ) and it’s really working well. Are you ready?



First, when it comes to ANYTHING, basic always the most important. You can always find basic training in youtube and it’s not needing a big place at all, 2×2 room is more than enough.

This is one of the example:


Second.. This is really important and sounds not believable, but believe me, I already done it and it works. I feel curious if that’s even the right method to train, so I had search this kind of training on the internet back then and found it’s one of training in the NBA ( I’m sorry I forgot which team and coach that has done that ).

No more secret, it is MIND SIMULATION TRAINING. With this kind of training, you won’t even need a ball!

If you want to quit this page, wait a second. I’ll tell you why it is really work!

Now imagine you are playing basketball and imagine it very realistic. You’ll found out that what you can’t do in real life, you also can’t do it in your mind.

Why is that?

Pretty simple, do you remember all kinds of basketball training you’ve been done? It have a purpose which is building MUSCLE MEMORY. You ever heard of it right?

So, you always welcome to your own mind and train your dribble in mind.. Feel it with your body, and in time you will be able imagine that you can do it! And when it comes to that, your muscle also remember that.


This is not only working for dribble drill, it also works for shooting drill and of course for real match simulation ( it will not be as easy as dribble and shooting drill though ).


That’s it, hope it will help you! Have a nice day!

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