Top 3 Basketball Shoes for People with Flat Feet – Updated 2017!

If you like basketball, you already know that it involves a lot of jumping and fast changes in direction. Taking into consideration the fact that your joints especially your hips, knees, and ankles take the impact when you land after a jump, choosing the right shoe is key. Apart from that, if you are a person with flat feet the thing that can bother you the most is going to be the way your body balances and absorbs your weight. Because of that, we will talk about the top 3 basketball shoes for flat feet people right now.

In this sense, because you have flat feet you need to have in mind a few things that are related to the shoes you may buy. The first is that the shoe is of high quality, this is especially important because the shoe needs to be able to “take” high amounts of impact in a specific spot. And it becomes even more important because without the arch in your feet the weight will not be evenly distributed especially after a jump. The second thing to have in mind is if the shoe has a specially designed sole inside that simulates the arch your feet does not have. Finally, the third thing you need is a shoe that is stiff enough to help you prevent ankle overpronation to make you more stable during the time you play.

After you take into consideration the factors previously explained, let’s get to the shoes, all the shoes will be mentioned in no particular order, so you are free to choose the one that suits you best.


Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

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This one is one of the best choices out there if you have flat feet and want to play basketball, its price goes from 70$ to 200$ a pair, and you have multiple color options to choose. The first positive thing to mention about this shoe is the high amount of cushion you will get when wearing them, and this is extremely important taking in consideration that you have an uneven distribution of weight in your feet. Apart from that, you will get an extra cushion in the midsole which is perfect because that’s the place where the arch is supposed to be, and a good amount of the weight sits there. Another good point for this shoes is the fact that they have an exclusive “system” with the laces that make it possible to have a rigid feeling without the sensation that your laces are too tight. Taking about the “flaws”, the only one that the sizing of the shoe may be a little bit large, so it’s good to consider that.


Adidas Performance Crazylight Boost Low

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This pair is characterized by being a well balanced all around shoe for basketball, not too rigid and not too soft. Apart from that, its design will give you a pretty good traction and stability which is good, taking about the price, it goes from 66.50$ to 130$, as previously mentioned, the positives of this shoe is it’s all around balance, high cushion capability and excellent traction. The downside is the fact that it may not run true to size so it may be a good idea to try it in a store before you decide to buy it online to avoid getting an improper size and feel.


Nike Zoom Kobe Venomenon 5

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Another great option for flat feet people, the positives of this shoe is its lightweight, super high cushion capabilities, traction, and the ability to give you a solid lock feeling in the feet. This is especially useful to avoid pronation or supination of the feet during a game; Talking about the price; it goes from 126$ to 149.99$. The only downside of this shoe may be its price tag that starts a little bit high than the previous ones.


Finally, if you have flat feet and also like to play basketball, you can be sure that with the help of the right shoe you can do it without problems. Because of that, the shoe you use during the game is a vital part of the process of avoiding injuries and future problems. From Adidas to Nike a big spectrum of shoes are available, and without a doubt one of them will be the one just for you.

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